Thursday, January 14, 2010

Desk life....

Here it is, a wee snap shot of my desk at the Derry Journal - testament to my personalised work space.
I would have loved to show you a snap shot of a lovely writer's desk but I don't have one. It's just me and my trusty laptop - on adventure after adventure.
So to give you a guided tour - this is the view to my left. You will see my phone - a vital tool for a journalist. It is not usually so clean and shiny. Usually it is more than a bit grimy.
Behind that is my document holder which holds a list of all internal extension numbers in the Journal along with a card Joseph made me wishing me a good day.
On my computer sits my Kimmidoll- Choya who is said to promote self belief and attached to my monitor is a clay butterfly my niece made for me when she was about three.
To the front of the picture (insert appropriate weather forecaster type hand gesture here) is a can of Diet Coke. I'm all about the Diet Coke. It's an obsession and probably not a really healthy one, but I don't smoke and for the moment I don't drink so give me a break.
Next to the coke is a tube of Sanctuary hand cream. It smells delicious and beside it is a postcard portraying the new £13.8million Peace Bridge being built in Derry - which is one of the main stories I have been working on today. I went to the launch and got a free pen - evidence of which can be seen on top of the notebook to the forefront of the picture. (Again, insert appropriate hand gesture here).
The word scrawled on the notepad, just so as you know, is Imelda and that is the name of a PR rep who just called me about something. I'm ashamed to say I wasn't really listening. It was to do with music though.

Are you bored enough yet?
Good. My job here is done.


Erin's blog said...

my desk is far nicer

Elle said...

I'm in love with that Kimmidoll!

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