Friday, January 08, 2010

Perhaps the best meme ever...

Or at least Keris' version of it was... mine might be a bit shit

1. Hum a jingle of which you know all the words. LOUDER. Now write it down so we can remember it too:
All the tiles you'll ever want, it's tile market
All the styles you'll ever want, it's tile market
Lots of something (presumably tiles) you can choose, it's style market
So much value, you can't lose.... it's tile market...

(Yes, that might be slightly wrong but Google has not helped me to find this online)

And you know I can’t just leave it at one:
Cuuuuurrrrrrlliiieeeeees, the Friendly Store.

(oh and Keris, I always thought it was Poochie-Woo).

2. As a kid, you played a board game over and over. And you cheated. What was it?
I'm not sure I cheated (much) but the Game of Life it was. How I loved driving in my wee car with my wee pins to indicate my children and all that lovely money. The Game of Life, however, is feck all like real life.

3. What was the name of a song you have been singing the incorrect words to all these years. What were you singing, and what should you be singing?
Erm, I'm sure there are some but I can't think - apart from Poochie Woo, obviously. (Honest, this is not a cop out).
But memorable ones from people close to me are - to Oasis' Wonder Wall - instead of "And after all...." my friend used to sing "And I fell off...."
And I can't remember which obviously non-one-hit-wonder sang "How Bizarre" in the early 90s, but friend (same as above) thought the words were "Cal Dezan" - which would make sense, if Cal Dezan were actual words and not just a product of her warped imagination.

Finally my niece once asked me to play the Prawn Cracker song in my car...
Eventually we figured it out... "I wish I was a prawn cracker with flowers in my hair...."

4. What embarrassing childhood story do your parents bring out just to mess with you for their own amusement?
There are two which spring to mind. The first is a spectular vomiting incident when we driving to the beach when I was little. I kept warning my daddy that I would be sick, he kept saying I would be find. Well I showed him! (and the floor, and the seats, and my mum, and my siblings....)
The second is the time they were ragging my happiness after I had said something stupid and I shouted back "anyone can make a mish-take" - and yes I pronounced it wrongly and in my adolescent rage and they have never let me live it down.


Keris said...

You're right!

But how happy am I that I'm the second result when you search it :)

mandi said...

cheers for the mention petal but you will not be forgiven for reminding me of the tile market jingle, i'm sure it was one of my reasons for leaving ireland!

Elle said...

Haha! Absolutely love this!

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