Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ten of my favourite things...

1: My son’s hands. I love them. I actually physically feel a surge of love when I see them or hold them. They are always warm. They are still squishy like a five year old’s hands should be. They are perhaps the cutest things on the entire planet and I love, love, LOVE the feeling of holding his hands (when he lets me. These days he runs on far too much).

2: The second contender for cutest thing on the planet is the baby who never sleeps. In particular the little curve of her chin to her neck - with the softest skin. It tickles when I stroke it and she laughs. I should say Cara has a unique laugh - kind of a really cute baby giggle mashed with a Beavis and Butthead dirty cackle. It is deeply infectious.

3: The way my nephew Ethan says “ta taaaaa” - like a wee old granny, or the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I kind of expect him to say “Ta Taaaa, Lollipops....” but is cute and I love when we says it over and over again while loading my knee with Tombliboos and Pontypines.

4: Mammy hugs. I may well be 33 (almost 34) and woman big and a mother of my own but nothing in this world beats a hug from my mammy.

5: Dinner with the mister - when we get kiddy free time and go and get a wee bit tipsy and talk about the very, very long time we have been together and how it’s a blessed miracle we haven’t killed each other yet. Plus, he takes me to a place which does scrumptious breaded Brie... nom nom nom.

6: Bad words. I know this is neither big nor clever, but nothing beats a good f*ck (and by that I mean saying the word.... you dirty feckers).  There is no word in this world which comes close - not even feck which I love and use much more often. But there are times (and maybe this is a sign of my very limited vocabulary) when nothing but a good, loud and hearty f*ck will do.

7: Nice shoes. Yes, I am a cliche. But I like nice shoes. They don't have to be designer *laughs stupidly at the notion I would be able to afford designer shoes* but as long as I can look at them and smile, I'm happy.

8: Reading. Nuff said. Losing myself in a good book has always been one of my great joys from I was a bit of a wain reading Roald Dahl and the Secret Seven and going to the Creggan Library with my brother and sisters.

9: My daddy and my brother and their manic sense of humour. There is no way to adequately describe this in just a few words - needless to say they can both make me absolutely howl with laughter like nothing else.

10: Driving in my car. Not in heavy traffic mind - just tootling along over the Glenshane Pass on a nice sunny day. Good times.

I was sent this by the lovely Mammydiaries and now want to tag some friends to write their favourite things...

Fionnuala K
Sharon Owens

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mammydiaries said...

I love your list :) It made me all warm and fuzzy inside and put a smile on my sleep deprived face. I feel the same about my daughters' hands. My older girl is 2 and her hands have recently gone from baby to toddler and when she reaches over and holds her little sister's hand, my heart breaks a little.

Do you find that the second child is louder? Lil was such a sweet, gentle, happy out baby. This one though.... Let's just say, you always know when she's around :) I think she has the same laugh as your smallie's, a good ol' chuckle with a heaping dose of the down and dirty :)

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