Monday, February 21, 2011

The best is yet to come

I had the most delicious day with Miss Boodles yesterday.

Dressed in her own creation of wellies (on the wrong feet), vest with poppers open, slightly sagging nappy, her safety reigns, a pink plastic necklace and her apron she asked me to lift her "Mup" - which of course means "up" - while I was starting to prepare their dinner.

I was having one of my very rare Annabell Karmel Super Mammy Moments and has decided to make the children mini pizzas (slice a muffin in half, coat with pizza sauce, let the children do their own toppings... voila!). Joseph who has turned into a tiny teenager (ie: sits, watches football, plays football, talks about football, dreams about football and grumbles about football) didn't want to get involved. He was too busy watching football... but the baby she shouted "Mup" at the top of her lungs. So I lifted her "Mup" and pointed out what I was doing.

"Cara help" she said (she actually says her own name like Kyra, which is very cute). I figured as she is only three seconds old (am in denial about approaching second birthday next week) there was no way she could help but decided, in a moment of madness, to try it anyway.

Standing on a chair she carefully ladled pizza sauce onto the muffin bases before sprinkling cheese almost methodically and then eating most of sprinkling ham on top again.

When done she was delighted to see the pizzas go into the "big burny" to cook before running to tell her daddy she helped.

It was such a precious, lovely mammy/daughter moment. To see her exert her own personality, her own determination to do just what the big kids do was so heartwarming. I got a glimpse of what's to come and for the first time maybe I didn't feel sad that time is flying by so fast and she is no longer a teeny tiny baby - I got excited about what is to come.

Oh we are going to have so much fun.

Next week I'll train her how to use the hoover.

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