Thursday, February 10, 2011

The saga of the jeans...

It had been a long day and  I have been thinking alot about my whole new "work it baby" mentality.
All this of course ties in with my mid 30s impending crisis.

So on top of my weekend dying my hair Cheryl Cole red, today I went a few steps further.

 I spoke to my lovely photographer friend Stephen Latimer about doing some new author photos for me.
And I told my sister I wanted a tattoo.
And then it went completely mad.

I went to Next and bought...

wait for it....


Yes, me in all my plus size glory bought skinny jeans with a few to wearing them at my photoshoot.
Okay so I bought a long top so they aren't totally offensive but still... SKINNY JEANS... yay me!
And I'm booking to get waxed and preened and make upped to within an inch of my lives.

Am I over using the capital letters too much?

1 comment:

Sharon Owens said...

Hi Claire,

Congratulations on the new deal and on the skinny jeans. I'm sure your new pics will be fabby!!!


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