Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Work it a little...

Dear all,
It has been brought to my attention of late that I'm not a very confident person when it comes to self promotion.
You see when I was at school Mr Flood told me pride was a sin and ever since then I've kind of reserved my pride for other people thinking pride by proxy was a lesser sin
But now, I'm told I have to sell - be bold, blow my own trumpet, shout from the rooftops, kick some PR ass, be confident in who I am and what I do and what I have to offer not only on the writing front but on the general "aren't I just fecking class?" front too.

I'm scared.

I'm not a very highly self promotional person. Book signings give me the jeebies. And yet I DO have a lot to offer. I'm highly educated, funny, smart and I have a variety of opinions on a variety of things.
I am not JUST the girl who "writes that column" or "writes those books". Oh yes, I'm proud of those things (sorry, Mr Flood) but there is more to me.
I can talk. I can teach. I can't sing, but I can hum in tune. My books are BESTSELLERS - I mean.. seriously... BESTSELLERS (for those who have seen Alvin and the Chipmunks I ask you now to say the word 'bestsellers' every time you see in the way Alvin says "major rockstars" - which is a little something like this...

Because writing FOUR BESTSELLERS (did you say it, did you?) is a big deal. And they've had good reviews and really I know that reviewers don't have to be nice - not one bit - so when they are, they generally mean in.

So as of today, when I put on my writer's hat I'm going to walk with a bit of swagger and look my writing colleagues square in the face. I'm good. I deserve to be there with you all. I deserve my BESTSELLERS and I'm going to have more. So there.

Dear Mr Flood, please don't say this means I'm going to hell.

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