Monday, February 14, 2011

The first line is the hardest

So I'm not really thinking about starting book 6 - not really. Not until I get the edits done on book 5, but still I've been mulling over a few ideas.
Do I start it sexy and vibrant?
Do I start it dramatic and foreboding?
Do I write first person (my preferred choice) or third (a bit harder in my experience)?
Do I have one MC or two? The story could lend itself to two ala Feels Like Maybe...

I am essentially committing myself to spending the next year of my life with these people. I have to atleast like them. I have to want to tell their stories and make sure they have stories to tell. (No point in them starting off full of promise and quickly turning into the boring friend who sits in the corner talking about what happened in Coronation Street last night).

To set the tone the first line has to be amazing...

No pressure there then!

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