Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"capitulation to market-induced self-loathing"

Sometimes I love my job!
This letter received on our website certainly raised a smile (and a hackle or two) today.

Dear Sir,
I am puzzled by the inclusion of the feminist symbol in Claire Allen's column, as her musings would tend to indicate acceptance of gender-specific roles as opposed to questioning the male hegemony.
In the words of eminent Zappologist Paul Sutton I think she is mistaken if she views her column as a creative act of resistance and self-formation, rather than as a capitulation to market-induced self-loathing.

First of all, I would like to point out to the writer of said letter that my name is spelled Allan, that's Allan with an A, not an E. You really would have thought someone who can spell hegemony and capitulation would find such a word simple to spell.

Second of all, the writer of this letter is male. This poses a problem to me. If I take on board his statement (once I've figured out what a Zappologist is) then I will be conforming to his own very special brand of hegemony. I'm a woman - I feel as the owner of a uterus and ovaries that gives me the right to discuss the issues I feel relevant to the modern woman. Sorry if I'm not battering the glass ceiling every week, but you know sometimes Kate Winslet's weight really is more important...

Thirdly I am not capitulating to any notion of self-loathing. I don't hate myself (all the time). I am instead using the comedic skill of self depracation. It's actually very funny and I think that the writer of the above letter would do well to learn how to use it himself.

And finally as a career woman, working as a senior reporter in a male dominated industry and having gained a plethora of qualifications and driving a Corsa (the traditional car of wee spides out racing down the Dungiven Road) I really, really don't think I'm conforming to gender specific roles - unless of course you are referring to the whole giving birth thing. Well I tried to talk my other half into doing that for me, but for some reason he refused.

Phew... that feels better.

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Emma said...

I'm just going to jump into the retort here. First off the symbol used in the column is not a feminist symbol, it's a female symbol. It merely represents the female sex/gender not any sociopolitical movements and secondly, a wee search of google for Zappologist Paul Sutton yielded just 2 results (the first being this blog) and the second being an article that I couldn't access but appeared to be discussing the lyrics of Frank Zappa.
I think the writer of that letter is "extracting the urine."

Some people really have too much spare time.

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