Friday, July 27, 2007

Kids can say the nicest things...

As I stated it has been a pretty rubbish day so far.
I ended up taking to my bed with a headache and general meh-ness this afternoon and dreamt that
1) My sister's wedding was being held in a hotel in Basra or the like and we were being hounded out by the local army and were most likely to be killed at a moment's notice.
2) Then that the freak weather conditions currently being experienced were getting even freakier and my car had been blown into a wall and ruined.. and indeed my fancy new build house (which doesn't exist) had also come to a sticky end.
I woke still feeling pretty meh and had words with the fruit of my loins who seems to think pulling every wipe out of the wipe box and every cushion of the sofa would make me smile... wrong.
Anyway, I just made our tea and having adopted his "Fireman Sam" persona whereby I get called Penny he turned to me and said "Penny, you are the best fire fighter in the whole world. And you are my hero.."
He's the baby, gotta love him.

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