Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dumpsville- Population me...

I've kind of promised I won't use this blog for little whinges and whines because, contrary to popular opinion, a lot of the time I'm quite happy person. (Well on the outside - inside I'm generally crying over my weight and my skin and my son's lack of desire to lstop losing the bap at regular intervals just for the craic.)
But I'm feeling a little low this week. Perhaps it is the come down from the last number of weeks - bridezilla's wedding which, yes, I know I've not posted pictures of yet- Nora's gorgeous new baby boy arriving (my uterus skipped a beat when I held him and he did that delicious snuggling into my neck thing that new borns do) and of course the small matter of becoming (for a week anyway) a top ten best-selling author.
For the past year I have had something to look forward to and now, while I'm loving looking back at it, it feels a bit empty now. Of course there is 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' which please God the publishers will love as much as I love, but apart from that it's work and the day to day routine which seem to be calling.
I have become so eager to have something to look forward to that I'm even (someone stop me) getting broody- not helped by the fact that everywhere I look these days are gorgeous, blooming pregnant women or ickle, tiny, beautiful babbies like wee Finn.
I don't actually 'do' pregnancy very well at all, so why I would look forward to it is beyond me. Maybe it is the thought that my 'baby' is starting pre-school in about six weeks and is riding a big boy bike and forsaking his rather girly coloured Balamory Trike. (Anyone need a Balamory Trike?), or maybe it is that my other baby (Rainy Days and Tuesdays) has flown the nest and no longer needs me to primp and preen it and care for it tenderly?
Then again, I could forget it all and get a wriggle on with writing my third book which so far pays homage to Pea and Ham Soup and not much else.

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Marmite Breath said...

I am always bashing myself over my weight and my skin. But at least you have WRITTEN A BEST SELLING BOOK, OMFG!!!111!!! :)

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