Thursday, September 06, 2007

Money. Money, Money

The misconception that we writers are all loaded is a particular pet peeve of mine.
Now, I wouldn't turn down some money, but I'm not actually in this to get rich. I enjoy what I do and any money I make from my endeavours is a bonus.

But just to put the record straight, last year (April 06-April 07) my career as an author made me the grand profit of £1.46.

I'm just about to file my first self assessment tax form, and the cost of posting it to the Inland Revenue and then having them post my bill back to me... and then me posting the cheque for the bill will exceed actual tax bill (which I guess will be about 43p).

Now... what will I do with my other £1.03??? hmmm, decisions, decisions.

1 comment:

Shauna said...

oh dear! i'll file that one under "funny because it's true" :) :)

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