Friday, September 14, 2007

Why do we do it?

I'm not sure what it is about us Irish that we find it almost impossible to complain?
Even when service is absolutely shoddy we smile and nod and say thank you because, you know, we are supposed to be dead friendly and all.

Well today my window cleaner called round for his money. He is a nice man and I love that he cleans my windows as we live on a busy street and they are generally stinking.
BUT I happen to know for an absolute cast iron fact that he did not clean my windows this week. I know this because some dirty wee fecker threw a sweet at the windows last Sunday night and the stain is still there.
So I took the bull by the horns today - telling Mr Window Cleaner that I was very sorry but I didn't believe he can cleaned my windows this week.
"I did," he protested - just as I heard the front door slam shut behind me. I found myself on the street, child inside, no keys and with just a pissed off window cleaner for company.
Luckily I had been gutting the house and our living room window was open, so he offered to climb in and open the door.
Being that he was so kind, I handed over his money.
"I'm not taking money off you love," he said and the told me he wouldn't be cleaning my windows again because I didn't trust him.
(Well he had just openly fibbed.)
So did I tell him to stick his window cleaner route up his arse and leave him to his huff? No, I pleaded, nay begged him to reconsider even though HE HADN'T ACTUALLY CLEANED MY FECKING WINDOWS!!!
He said he will come back next week but I'm not holding my breath and I feel guilty and slightly bereft because in about two weeks I won't even be able to see out the blasted things.

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Evie said...

Ooh Claire.
I wonder is this the same man that cleans windows round here. He left mine all dirty streaks one time and I regularly seen him calling to the neighbours for money when he hadn't cleaned their windows whilst they were out.
Cat also "had words" with him trying to charge her when he didn't wash hers.....
All sounds terribly familiar.
Thank goodness you got back indoors though!!!!

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