Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Reason 1245 why Marian Keyes makes me laugh

It's always a happy day in the Allan household when the monthly email pings into my mailbox letting me know that Marian Keyes' latest newsletter is up.
It always has at least one thing which makes me laugh til my pelvic floor screams for mercy. This month the newsletter imparted not only the fabulous news that "This Charming Man" is finally complete, but also this keenly observed description of audiences from 'The Late Late Show'.
I have been known to clap along (I think they give you an extra dose of clapping gene when you give birth)... but still it made me snort.

(Quick note: The Late Late Show is an Irish chatshow and they seem to bus their studio audiences in from the 1950s. They always seem to be peopled by biddable eejits who will clap along like wind-up toys to anything - all they need to hear is the opening three notes of My Lovely Horse or indeed even the sound of a clock ticking and the next thing, there they all are, happy shiny-eyed gobshites, clapping obediently along, like time-warp automatons. Sometimes Himself makes me to go music things and even when the music is infectiously rhythmic, I resist the urge to get into it, just in case I start clapping like – exactly! – a member of The Late Late Show audience. It is one of my biggest fears.)

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