Sunday, March 15, 2009

Four generations - times you wish you had a camera

I took the wee woman to meet her great granny today. She is very blessed to have two great grannies and one great grandad still with us and it was a big occasion to take her to meet Granny Mary and Granda Phil.
Havcing reared 10 children of her own, and helped in the rearing of about 20 billion grand children and great grandchildren, my granny is just one of those naturals at looking after babies.
And better than that she gets that childbirth is a big deal, and that it hurts and that new mums need pampering. Sure she gave birth 10 times (eight times at home with feck all pain relief) but she isn't one of the older generation of tell us young ones we don't know we are born and that things are so much easier these days.
Her kindness and warmth blows me away.
Anyway, I was sat beside her, and she was holding my baby girl. And there across the room from us was my mother and I thought here we are, four generations of a family - all brought together by this precious wee bundle. And I wished I'd brought my camera - even though I looked awful and haggard. Some things are beyond precious.


♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

I doubt you looked haggard at all. Be certain to take your camera next time -- for the wee bundle, if not for yourself! ;-)

Unfortunately, my DIL got a bad bug the day after delivery. She's been quite ill, and that makes me sad. Mick and Mommy are on their way home, as I write, and I'll go visit in a bit, but keep it very short. Mommy needs to rest.

Stickhead said...

Ah, I've a tear in my eye now!


fiona said...

Oh hun, well it gives you another excuse (not that we need excuses)to go visit our lovely, fantastic granny and granda. Remember your camera nxt time xxx

Penelope said...

My family still has 4 generations and I love seeing my Grandad looking at my Dad and thinking "My son is a Grandfather". Priceless. Truly.

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