Monday, March 09, 2009

It's very hard...

... to find the ability to write coherently when all you want to do is stare at a baby.

Tried breaking my post baby writing virginity this morning with my weekly column for the Journal. I've written about 500 words - pretty much a baby fest (dear readers, forgive me...) but I'm not sure any of it makes sense.

Still - small steps, little by little.

Will attempt to work back at the book soon too - now that should be the craic!

Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes, here and elsewhere. I'm holding it together. No sign of immiment breakdown just yet although last night was pretty hormone fuelled and everything set me off crying - Dancing on Ice, yep. The boy sleeping, yep. The baby NOT sleeping, double yep. The fact that it was a Sunday, yep.

Feeling a little more human today after snoozing the morning away beside my little lady (between the writing bouts, naturally...)

Can't quite believe today was the day she was supposed to have been born. Feels like she has been here forever already.


Keris said...

She is so beautiful, Claire!

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

Have you seen pix of my DIL yet? Come see me. She's still waiting.

Your baby is a beauty! You deserve to stare. If you blink, she'll grow up ~ so enjoy her as long as you can while you can.

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