Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things that you know you shouldn't say

So I went to the doctors today because I've not been well (read as that being my usual hypochrondiac self) and figured I should get my bloods checked just in case having the little lady has tipped the balance for me being borderline anaemic to full on pale as a ghost anaemic.
The lovely doctor agreed I should be pin cushioned and I made my way to the treatment room where the lovely nurse asked me if I was okay with getting blood taken.

"Oh aye," I chirped, "I've just had a baby. I'm perfectly fine and dandy with getting blood taken. And there's never usually a problem with my veins.."

You just know I shouldn't have said that, don't you.
Because there she was trying to get a vein in my arm and then doing a stabby jabbing movement while I "eeped" in mild pain and no blood started to flow into the wee tubey thing they collect the blood in. (And she had three of the feckers to fill... here's me thinking if I am anaemic that's blood I really kind of need... but I digress...)
So she withdrew the needle and there was a whoosh of air which I think was my vein screaming in protest and then a delighted shot of blood came whooshing out of my arm.
This was not a good time for her to ask me if she could try again on the other arm. But of course being the polite person I am I assured her the guiser of blood from my right arm was just fine and sure, it was no problem at all for her to stab me again in the left arm. I quite fancied a matching pair.

As it happened my left arm was much more agreeable and there wasn't so much as a scratch and her three bottles were filled and ready to go. And I do have two lovely bruises to show for the experience. Purple is sooooo this season, don't you know.


♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

I do hate blood draws ~ hope yours turns out to be very healthy! If not ~ start eating those great raisins.

Oh, and hey! I hear dirt has a lot of iron in it, too!

Well okay then. Enough attempt at humor tonight. :-)

Evie said...

Dear gawd, that makes me queasy just reading it! Poor you. I'd probably have been in tears. Ya think by now I'd be fine with needles, lol. x

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