Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Aaaaaah choo!


It's a fecker.

I'm sneezing and wheezing like a good 'un. I've also a really sore throat which may or may not be related to the aforementioned hayfever. Oh and my neck is fecked too - which makes reverse parking a joy (not that is is never not a joy. I was not designed for the reverse park. We are not friends...).

Anyway - quiet on here as I'm being uber productive on book 4 and writing loads. Better still I'm enjoying it.

All that, and dealing with a teething baby, writing my column for the Journal, trying to write a preface for a charity booklet and preparing for a writing class which I'm guest speaker at next week.

I'll try and write more soon, honest.


Stickhead said...

You go girl!

And yes, hayfever is vile. Truely vile. I don't have it but my OH does and every June for the past 13 years I've thought about divorcing him ;). It's that weird 'gulping' thing he does to alleviate his poor sore itchy dry throat.

Seriously - you have my sympathies!

Anonymous said...

I'm from that writing class! Checking out your blog for info to do a press release after your visit to our group. We are very excited about you coming! I will of course mention your new book as advertised in Amazon!

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