Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sorry for the quietness

My wee sister (the duck) gets married in three weeks. I have become a human taxi. Seriously... it's wee runs here and wee runs there and dressmakers and fabric shops and the hunt for shoes and all that carry on. It's tres exciting (even if I can't quite come to terms with the fact 'Our Duck' is getting married. She's only a wain... okay 28, with 2.5 kiddies... but a wain...)
Cara has been in hospital again (she's fine). I think she is going to be high maintenance. She is very pleasant when not scaring the bejaysus out of us but the rest of the time....
The boy has been demanding to make the most of the sunshine in the evenings with trips to the park. There is a "silver slide park" he likes to visit and he throws himself down the exceptionally slidey slides with not so much as a concern about the inevitable scrapes and bruises he will garner. It's fab and I'm kind of jealous. If I wasn't so sure I would get stuck half way down I would give it a whirl myself.
I'm also entering official edit on Jumping in Puddles with Gaye from the lovely people at Poolbeg. I am scared. Very ascared.... what if she hates it? Eep!

What I will say is this much... if you are buying a book next week please buy 'Beyond Sin' by Emma Louise Jordan - which is published by the lovely Poolbeg (and is from their Crimson range which is a bit meatier and scarier and all that oul stuff).
Emma is a CPF (close personal friend) and a disgustingly talented and prolific writer so buy it. You won't regret it.

And in other fabulous news for Norn Iron book lovers I heard yesterday that Anne Dunlop is writing a series of books carrying on from her wondering Pineapple Tart trilogy. I'm so excited I could pee - which I would if I could find the time betweenst all the wains and the like.

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