Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Conversations with the Boy - continued

So today the boy was home sick. You know one of those sick days which seem to magically get better around 9.30 only to have the sickness reappear at around bedtime?
(In fairness he has a bad aul bark on him and was warm this morning and with all this swine flu hysteria it's best not to take a chance).
Anyway - because he was off I had to miss out on taking Miss Boo to our weekly baby massage class. (Which usually I go to with my sister and her 9 month old Ethan - who does not like massage. In her words "He gets one oily leg and spends the rest of the session trying to eat the other babies..." - he goes for the feet - the boy is all about the feet....)
I was lamenting this fact (missing the class - not Ethan's foot fetish) to my other sister this evening when J pipes up: "Mammy did you not go to the baby moustache class then?"

I like the idea of a baby moustache class. It made me laugh in a very undignified manner.

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