Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm playing with ideas for book 5

Which is what always happens once a book reaches a certain stage.
I'm loving (and I mean LOVING) writing my book 4. It is a funny, sexy romp about friendship, the search for love, confidence and acceptance.
But that doesn't the characters for book 5 aren't starting to shout "My turn, my turn!" from the sidelines and look for their shout in my brain.
There are times when it completely freaks me out that I've written nearly four books - had four sets of characters live in my brain for a year at a time and become as real to me as the people I talk with every day. And that I'm already in the process of creating some new folks to live there once Annie, Fionn and Darcy have had their happy ending.

Some times, it is just amazing to be a writer.

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