Friday, August 07, 2009

The universe likes me

Keris recently brought the whole Notes from the Universe thing to my attention.
Okay, so it's a bit geeky. You sign up and you get sent a message every day - basically saying very positive, life affirming things.
But ya know what, it helps. It's put a wee smile on my face from time to time and makes me think that yup, I can do this. I can get through this day. I can get through this week and what happens or doesn't happen to me.
When my mood is dipping - as it is at the moment a little - it gives me a little glimmer of hope.
It will be okay.
Things will work out.
Life throws all sorts of things at us and we just have to realise it part of a journey.
(That was me, by the way, and not the universe).

But the universe did tell me this much...

If you can just remember where this is all going, Claire, no road will be too bumpy, no night will be too lonely, and no price will seem too great.
Plus, with just a wink your confidence will bring peace to nations.

ETA for those who asked the link to sign up for the notes is here


mammydiaries said...

Wow! Just a wink? You better get blinking girl, the universe needs you:) Had a mental image of you going from war torn nation to war torn nation blinking and twitching your nose "bewitched" style:) Hope you're feeling better soon.

The wife of bold said...

Sounds great - i like this idea!

Evie said...

Sounds fab; Linkage please?

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