Friday, August 28, 2009

The saga of the boob lumpage continues...

It's still there - the wiley wee fecker.
Still waiting on an appointment from the breast clinic.
Still spending an inordinate amount of time groping myself.
Having occasional panic attacks in a 'Who Will Love My Children?' stylee.
Still being dramatic to the husband ('Enjoy it before they chop it off' etc etc)
Still hopeful it will be okay.
Still thinking women have a rough deal of it.
Avoiding reading Tik a Brik or similar doom and gloom magazines about real life traumas including breast cancers.
Still trying not to think about cancer.
Still failing.
Still hopeful.


Gigi said...

Oh sweetie!! I've been there. Try to think positive. Odds are good everything is fine. Hugs and good wishes headed your way!

Keris said...

I agree with Gigi - think positive, I'm sure most lumps are nothing. x

Chic Mama said...

How terrible that you are having to wait!
Just think of all the other things it most probably is. Don't waste time thinking what if, be positive. Hard I know.
Take care

Shauna said...

thinking good thoughts for you Claire!!

mammydiaries said...

A little pressie to brighten your day awaits you over at my blog!

diane s said...

Very hopeful for you too, Claire. xx

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