Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reasons why you shouldn't blog while sligthtly tipsy

  • You will most likely have a few typos
  • You have to have to keep re-reading your psot post to correct mistakes (or not... spot the deliberate error)
  • You will wonder why the V and the B key on your keyboard have decided to swap places..
  • You will worry that that what you are saying is a pile o'shite
  • It probably is
  • At least you aren't gusging huushing gushing about your wains/ husband/ friends/ lovely people at Poolbey Poolbeg
  • You will forget why ou syous you started this in the first place
  • You will lose all inhibitions (Bum, arse, feck, boob).
  • You will regret it in the morning

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