Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a swell party that was

So on Friday night I went out. Like proper out. To a place that was not A) A school or B) a baby clinic.
I went out with a proper handbag. It is shiny and purple and gorgeous and I felt all enamoured with myself because it didn't even have one nappy in it. Not one. And no dummies, or bibs, or jars of  mush or random Lego figures or Ben Ten toys.
It had  a purse, some keys, some lip gloss (I remember lip gloss!) and a mobile phone. If someone had stolen it there would have been not one clue that I'm a mammy. Instead I was just a woman. Wearing lipgloss.
And clothes which didn't smell of baby sick.
I went to restaurant with my mum, my aunts and my lovely granny whose birthday it was. And I ate lovely food (tobacco onions, yum!) and had the craic and then I went to my aunt's house where my cousin was celebrating her engagement and I sat there until ..... wait for it..... 3.30am!
Yes, I was awake to 3.30 in the morning AND IT WASN'T BECAUSE A BABY WAS MAKING ME STAY AWAKE!
I was drinking (wine, wine and fizzy wine) and having yet more craic and talking with my cousin's intended who wasn't one bit (obviously) bored by my wittering on about writing and then. because my husband (who does exist) is lovely I was allowed a "dirty stop out" pass and I went back to my mum's where I slept in her spare room and woke up when I wanted to and not at all just because a baby was going meh wah meh wah at 3am (when I was slightly three sheets to the wind anyway).
So I'm delighted to announce that I am in effect still a human being and not just a mammy. And while I love the mammydom- I love the purple handbag wearing, lipgloss slicking on, wine drinking, stop-outing me perhaps as much.

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Evie said...

T'is wonderful to remember sometimes that you are more than just a mum, isn't it?
It was wonderful to have you at the party, and I'm delighted you had a fab time. BTW, the lip gloss looked great. x

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