Monday, March 08, 2010

I could have posted all last week about how wonderful she is

But I spent it out and about in the sunshine with her - just enjoying her wonderfulness.
I have fallen in love - hopelessly, stupidly, crazily in love - more in love than ever before and I look at her and her brother and I wonder what did I do so right to deserve them?
We went for walks. We went shopping. We sat on the floor and had a mock tea party with her dolls and we pushed her toy pram about. We sang songs. We had our photos taken. We ate cake (well, she ate cake... I had some wine).
It was bliss.... utter bliss.


Sharon Owens said...

Happy Birthday (belated) to Cara... Where did that lovely dark hair come from? She is the image of Joseph now. I'm glad you had such a lovely day.

Fionnuala Kearney said...

SHe's a babe! ANd she DOES look like Jospeh , doesnt she? x

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