Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is motherhood a form of oppression? - Times Online

Is motherhood a form of oppression? - Times Online

Love this article! Especially if your baby NEVER sleeps.


Jessie said...

It's a hear hear from me. By the way I hope baby is better now.

I read the article and actually started writing a comment back about it on here so animated I was ( particularly as it caught me on a good day when I was having a mini rebellion re what else? housework) but caught myself on as it was waaaaay too long! I thought I was back at uni (bar) having an intellectual debate or something! :)
So yes, valid points all round.

Bernardeena said...

Hmm I'm somewhat of a lentilist and I have never felt oppressed by it. The whole breastfeeding, sling wearing, real nappy using and all the rest of it have never felt like a chore, has not been an "exhausting, strife-ridden, painful experience". However I can see that for some people it is as they only do it due to guilt, but for me it is just what I'm naturally like. I don't feel like I have lost myself, as I'm just being myself but as a parent.

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