Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The last week in bullet points

  • Baby who never sleeps is diagnosed with a chest infection on Wednesday. Is given an inhaler and antibiotics.
  • Mammy (that's me) wakes up on Thursday with the mad bokes, sore throat and general lethargy. Takes day off work. Expects to be better on Friday.
  • Mammy is still sick on Friday.
  • And Saturday.
  • And Sunday.
  • On Monday the boy was diagnosed with an ear infection - with his ear drum (or drum stick as he referred to it) in danger of perforating.
  • On Tuesday we all lay about the house, eating, sleeping and I did some writing.
  • It has not been fun.

1 comment:

Manicmum said...

Poor you - the worst must be over? Sounds like last week - kids sick in shifts so whole week of it. Got used to the 10pm barf call. Hope u well enuf for Easter eggs! X

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