Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The inner dialogue of a dieter

The greatest battle a woman will ever face is that when she is having a really sucky day and really, really wants a bar of chocolate but is trying to stick to her diet. My inner dialogue is on full ramble mode - it is very hard to concentrate on anything but the hum of my good and bad self chatting through the pros and cons of whether or not to ram a Mars Bar down my cake hole.
And it goes a little something like this

  • You have been good for two whole days. You deserve a treat.
  • It will take a lot more than two whole days for me to get where I need to go. If I cave after two whole days I'll never get there.
  • But today is Wednesday. It's a long day. And you won't get your tea til really late because of the baby who never sleeps and the whole never sleeping thing.
  • That is why you brought a nice healthy and filling lunch with you, which you enjoyed - just a mere 45 minutes ago.
  • But I feel sleepy. Surely a wee sugar boost will wake me up?
  • Temporarily perhaps, but when you bottom out you will feel even worse again and you will have no points at all left for your tea.
  • I don't need tea. (said defiantly)
  • You won't be saying that at 8pm. By 8pm you will be hunting the house for scabby wains to eat.
  • I can be strong.
  • Ha ha ha... says she hoking for the Mars Bar just after lunch.
  • But... but.... but
  • Look, the chocolate bar won't help. Not really.
  • It might a wee bit.
  • But will you feel worse after?
  • Not right away. (in denial)
  • But eventually?
  • Maybe.. but maybe I'll go for a walk to make up for it?
  • You do know you have to walk approximately 890 miles to burn off a Mars Bar*?
  • La La La La, am not listening.


Debs Riccio said...

I hear ya - both of you! I wonder if men have anything remotely similar going through their heads at any time in their lives?

Anonymous said...

Oh I am *so* with you on this. Truly.

I have this pain in the arse woman in my head out to sabotage all attempts at weight loss.

I'm trying hard to ignore her.

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