Thursday, July 22, 2010

It has been busy

  • I've had a virus
  • The baby has had a virus
  • The husband has had a virus
  • The copy-edits have begun on It's Got to be Perfect
  • The plans for the launch of IGTBP are being formed
  • The deadline for book five looms
  • I've been doing a wee bit of writing for the web and talking for the radio
  • I've also, I apologise, been Sky-plussing and watching a lot of 'Criminal Minds'.
  • There has been very little wine drinking - apart from the night Derry won the City of Culture thingy - then there was much drinking and it was awful the next day... but completely self inflicted.
  • I've lost about 4lbs.
  • My house is a mess despite my ongoing OCD tendencies
  • I've two fab book launches to go to in the coming months.
So I'll try to get on here more, honest.

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