Sunday, July 11, 2010

So the chocolate Weetabix arrived advance of its launch tomorrow (12th) in Sainsburys... and I admit we felt special. We have it before everyone else you see and we feel dead posh and important.
But, what does it taste like, or look like? Can chocolate and wheat mix? (In fairness in my head almost everything mixes with chocolate, except maybe fish...) Will the children want to eat it? Will they want it again or will it just the allure of a once off?
You see I have awkward children. They don't like breakfast. They have to be "encouraged" to eat in the mornings and after a long time of being increasingly creative with breakfast foods to get them to eat we figure anything that lasts more than two days in a row is a winner.
So we opened the box. The boy (6) was impressed. He takes after his mammy in her chocolate obsession. I pointed a portion with WeightWatchers and two biscuits are an impressive 2.5pts, so with cold skimmed or semi skimmed milk you are looking at a points value of three for a filling breakfast. That's me sold - esp beside some of the other cereals on the market which three spoonfuls seems to a portion make.
The boy tried it first, and loved it. He finished the bowl in record time. Declaring that 'Mammy, this is 99 plus 1% excellent'. He has eaten it every day since. He opted for it with cold milk and crunchy.
The baby has had it with warm milk and mashed up and she is also a fan, and I don't feel like I'm poisoning her because the nutritional information speaks for itself. It may contain chocolate but is still low fat, low sugar and high fibre. And SHE EATS IT. And my baby NEVER eats anything.
Me? I broke the Weetabix ban and have to admit, with cold milk and crunchy it's lovely and I'm tempted to get some natural yoghurt and try it with that as well.
Did it make for a happy breakfast in the Allan household? It sure did. And we will be buying more.
Chocolate Weetabix is available from Sainsbury's from July 12 and from other supermarkets from the following week.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally jealous. I have a hard time finding Weetabix here in the U.S., so to hear they now make a chocolate one and I'm missing it - oh the pain!

I found your website from reading Dietgirl.

I enjoy reading your blog and can "hear" your accent loud and clear.

P.S. my husband is from Draperstown in Derry.


Anonymous said...

Not sure they appeal to me but wanted to say - don't stress over the lack of breakfasts. I have one that doesn't eat in the mornings, never has, she's doing just fine and I leave her to it now. Takes after her dad, he never has breakfast either *shrug*

Debs Riccio said...

Love it - you sound like a proper commercial for the Weetabix people! I bet it's bloody lovely - how come it took THIS long to invent?! And the breakfast thing? I think we worry too much about what goes in our kids mouths/stomachs. So long as they're happy and healthy who gives a stuff about what they 'should' be eating. Alice still has Nutella on toast every morning (healthy - NOT!) x

Mo said...

When I say I don't eat breakfast (which I don't, unless it's my boyfriend's poached egg on toast). people tend to regard me with abject horror but even I'M tempted to have this.

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