Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sharing a little festive magic

December reminds me of many things, not least the annual visit to Santa.
There were no super fancy grottos in our day - I remember if you were lucky there was a bit of tinsel and a man in a red suit.
Sometimes the man in the red suit was scary - bizarrely as a child I don't think I ever really noticed just how scary.
But as an adult I can look back on the following picture and wonder how I was not scarred for life by the experience.
I would draw your attention notable to the cigarette in his right hand as he smiles through his melty plastic face at the camera with a vague Freddie Kreuger look about him.
Ladies and gentlement I give you a very Derry Christmas.

That's my sister, my brother (looking king of scared) me and the freaky Santa circa 1982?

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