Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some me time

So Christmas was pretty much a grot fest. It started late on the night before Christmas Eve when my eye got a little twitchy. I woke on Christmas Eve with two swollen eyes, which were bright red and stuck together (sexy, non?). A venture to the pharmacist diagnosed bacterial conjunctivitis and drops were given.
By night time I was coughing and spluttering and aching. As was hubby. As was the baby.  We even had a full change of the bed cos of the boking (baby) incident just around the time santa was trying to arrive.
Christmas morning we woke, snotty, sore and wheezy and thankfully, even though three quarters of us were ill, it was still a delight to see the kids faces as they saw what Santa had brought.
The rest of the day was, however, pretty much a write off. Joseph had dinner and games at granny's house while the three of  us who were sick lay about in a heap and didn't even manage dinner. I burst into tears on a regular basis because my six year old was not with me and he should have been with me. It was a sorry, sorry day in the Allan household.

Boxing Day was much of the same except my cold was now turning into a proper chest infection.

The day after saw me on my second dose of antibiotics (the ones for my eyes now ones for my chest) and thnakfully today, despite a lead weight feeling on my chest, I feel as if I'm on the mend.

So I decided to have A Bath. I used capitals to indicate it was an event not just a mere washing myself type activity. I gathered the essentials
  • A glass of wine
  • A good book (The Truth Will Out by Anna McPartlin)
  • Christmas smelly presents - aka some Soap and Glory body scrub, face mask and some Neal's Yard lavender bubble bath
  • Candles
  • Fluffy towels and clean jammies
I should, perhaps, describe my bathroom to you. It is the size of a postage stamp. Our bath is approximately 3 foot long (okay a little more, but only a little). We have two children therefore any available bathroom space is not filled with pretty jars and scented candles but empty Matey Bottles (brilliant bathtime toys), baby shampoo, a sparkly wand, several rubber duckies and a host of detangling products for the girl's wavy hair (which she gets from her mum).

Making it a sanctuary is not easy. First I had to clear the floor of Luke Skywalker, Buzz Lightyear and Mermaid Matey - not to mention 'froggy', "horsey' and 'ducky' - none of whom I wanted to see me in the nip.
Then I had to clear the windowsill of big teeth, little teeth, and not even really there teeth toothpaste and a host of bobbles. clips and dummies discarded at bathtimes past.
Our bathroom is kind of strange in that on one wall - at the hall, we have three windows up high (no one can see in, perish the thought) so I was able to eventually light five tealights and switch off the big bathroom light and have the whole room lit in an ambient manner by the light from the hall and the candles.

Then I took a shower. Annie in It's Got to be Be Perfect gets that from me you know - not being able to lie in dead skin soup... so I showered, buffed and conditioned and then got out and stood shivering in a too small towel while the bath filled with Neal's Yard Lavender doodah.

Then I climbed in. Remarkably there was enough water. I had worried given than I am not a taker of baths and when I fill them it is usually for the pleasure of very small people who may drown in four inches of water. I lay back, trying not  to look down at the spare tyres before me, and I sipped my wine and read some of the book (love it) and felt almost human.

Until the boy burst in, needing a pee, declaring I looked very comfy in there indeed.

We need two bathrooms people. Stat.

The wine was good though. The steam has helped my chest so much and the wine has eased my mood a little and today feels like a holiday. Which means I'll probably be back in work tomorrow, but not before I've read more of the book, drank more of the wine and let my body relax a little more.

Happy me time, everyone.

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