Tuesday, December 09, 2008

In a twist of fate..

I couldn't sleep last night. That'll teach me for writing about my bed and how much I love it!
I took til gone 12 to drop off and was awake again at 4. You can imagine how delightful I look today at my desk!
But still this is supposed to be the spirit of gratefulness. Well today I'm grateful for the fact that is now just 3 months til this baby this due. Despite being just over 27 weeks gone, I just hit the 6 month mark today (Baby is due March 9).
I'm officially in my third trimester and on the home straight. I'm sure it won't be plain sailing from here on in - it hasn't been so far - but I am closer to meeting our new edition and bringing her into our family.
It is sometimes hard, when things have been so physically and emotionally demanding, to remember that there is a pot of gold at the end of this all. There are times when I can't see past the next few days or hours - but at the end of it all I will have a beautiful baby girl. She will complete our family, be a daughter to my husband, a sister to my son and hopefully a lifelong friend to me.
I marvelled last night as I made up Joseph's packed lunch at how quick children grow up. He was standing beside me, chatting all the time and exerting his gorgeously bubbly personality and I thought "Oh my God, I'm going to experience this all over again with a new human being soon".
So I'm grateful today for my baby - I probably don't say that half enough.


bfs said...

Oh. my!!!!! I didn't realize your due date! That's the same due date as my precious daughter-in-love, wife to my youngest son. A third son for them.

I posted a few days back that they are looking for Scottish male names, and I've had some great response which I've passed on.

How exciting to have another sweet thing in common with you...you may wonder what the other things are...believe me, I've noticed that there are many! :-)

Hugs! ♥

Sofia said...

Oh Claire, your post really struck a chord with me - even made himself read it and he agreed that it's just lovely!

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