Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A lovely award

I got this today from the lovely BFS blog and the best bit about it is that I have to list six things I value the most and then spread some love around.

Given that I'm trying to be very positive minded at the moment and not always getting there this is a great challenge and honour for me.

So here goes,,,

  1. I value my friends. I have the best friends a girl could ask for - friends who would walk over hot coals for me. Friends who inspire me. Friends who are there on the other end of the phone or email if I need a laugh, or a cry, or a chat or just to say some bad words. Some of these friends I've been blessed to make in adulthood which I do think is amazing as adulthood doesn't often bring true friendship.
  2. My family - that includes my husband, son and unborn baby daughter of course. They keep me grounded and make me feel cherished. (Well madam doesn't so much make me feel cherished as make me feel sick - but she is bringing me a lifetime's ambition and making me the mother of a little girl.) As for the boy - he is my light and my soul. Also in the family connection are my parents and my siblings. I honestly struck gold.
  3. My job - which allows me a degree of creativity but also office banter that hilarious, witty and mostly non-repeatable. Without the opportunities afforded to me in my work place I don't think I would have found the courage to write books.
  4. Which brings me on to my talent. Now when I was wee we were told pride was a sin and that we weren't to boast of our talents. Now I don't think I'm any literary giant, but I write books people respond nicely too and that is a great, great honour.
  5. Which links me on to the lovely people at Poolbeg - the most supportive publishing house in the industry. I could never have dreamed of a top ten bestseller without their hard work.
  6. And finally - my house - messy and all as it is, for it provides me shelter and comfort when the outside world seems too much.

Now - I have to share the love - so the awards go to...

Fionnuala at Talksville - Population One

The fabulous Keris Stainton

Emily at Doing the Compossible

Sharon Owens (Okay so not technically a Blog... but she updates regularly).


bfs said...

Hooray! Great Job!!!

Fionnuala said...

Gulp! That made me hold my chest in an about to start crying manner. What a lovely post. I'm honoured to be mentioned! Fx

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