Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What it is all about...

Forgive the silence of the last few days. I'm still a very grateful person, honest, but have been dealing with some "issues" and not fit for blogging.

However today I went to see the wee man in his nativity play (or nativily play as he insisted on calling it) and I'm so full of Christmas spirit I have to share. The boy - obviously not taking after either me or his daddy - had to sing a solo in his very important role of the Angel Gabriel.

Having delivered his line with great sincerity and a strong voice (despite being sick and awake half the night coughing like a madd'un) he sang his solo beautifully - bringing a tear to my eye and making my heart just about burst out of my chest with pride.

You always love your children - I think - but there are times when you truly adore them and it takes your breath away.

1 comment:

Fionnuala said...

How cute is he?! Yes, treasure those moments....Fx

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