Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Random conversations with the boy part something (sorry have lost count)

J: "Mammy, I think you are going to have two babies."
Me: "No Joseph, definitely only one. We are going to have *insert name which for now is a secret* and that is all."
J: "No mammy. Definitely two babies."
Me: "Well, I suppose I have you and you are my baby too I'll have my baby boy and baby girl and sure won't that just be lovely?
J: "Yes mammy. But if baby *insert name which for now is a secret* dies you'll have to get another one."

I'm more than a little disturbed.
Then again this is the child who spent the day asking questions about Baby P after finding an old magazine with a picture of the poor pet's injuries in it. I was going to put the magazine in the bin when the boy started crying.
"Please don't mammy. I love Baby P."

Again not sure whether to be touched or seriously disturbed. Wouldn't you just love to know the thought processes of a four year old?

In less disturbing news he woke in the middle of the night recently to tell me his hand "was fizzy".
I'm thinking that will be my new way of describing pins and needles from now on.


bfs said...

Fizzy! That's a perfectly wonderful description! He'll be a writer one day!!! :-)

Keris said...

Genius! Harry's only just experienced pins and needles and I was trying to find a word to describe it perfectly. Wish I'd thought of 'fizzy'! :)

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