Sunday, April 05, 2009

Some blogs of note

If you are wanting a wee look around blog land and fancy something new and interesting... and vay funny... then please stop by
Slightly South of Sanity - it is quite possible you will laugh til you pee. The thing is, it's all true. I know the lady is question and she has the ability to turn the more serious of things into laugh out loud moments and believe me she has been through some serious crap. (Two bouts of post natal psychosis for a start...).
Anyway, please read and if there is a God out there can someone give her a publishing deal?

And if you want something really very new then stop by the blog of Deborah Riccio - a writer friend who also the ability to make every situation funny.


Deborah Riccio said...

Oh Claire - Bless you!!! what a lovely thing to say! thank you so much you wonderful writer friend, you!

Stickhead said...

Oh my word Claire! I've only just seen this and I am blushing from ear to ear and HUGELY grateful! Thank you so much - it really does mean a lot to me and it's brought huge huge cheer to a rather 'grrr' week!!

Thank you!!


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