Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The World According to Mom

This is an interesting blogging experiment - 80 moms from as many countries as possible, all being asked to talk about the five things they like most about being a mom (or mammy, as is my case...)

I was tagged by David Wescott, who I think was tagged by Catherine Connors and I think I'm the first Northern Irish participant to share my mom-ly thoughts, so here goes...

1) The feeling of my son's hand in mine.
He has squishy five year old gorgeous hands which fit perfectly in mine. As we cross the road, or just snuggle on the sofa I will hold his precious, still a little babyish, hand in mind and feel a surge of love so strong it will almost take my breath away. I know one day they will grow to big old man hands and if I think about that too much, I sob.
For Mother's Day he presented me with a poem about handprints and his own little hand prints laminated - the whole thing bearing the phrase "These are the hands you used to hold, when I was five years old". I can't wait to see the man he will become but boy will I miss the little hands.

2) How children can make you laugh until you are almost sick.
My son has a fabulous laugh. Seriously, it should be bottled. It's the kind of laugh you get on ads with cool kids on the telly. It truly is infectious. When he laughs, I cannot help but laugh too. And he does so many funny things that have us both creased up. Recently though the introduction of our little lady has increased the laugh factor greatly. Joseph finds everything she does (even pooping) hilarious so that laughter is ringing through our house all the time. Sometimes it's a little manic (that'll be me, then) but mostly it is just exceptionally joyous.

3) The way a newborn fits against their mammy perfectly.
I think she was made to fit each curve and crease of my torso. She lies there, curled in and even though she is no longer in my stomach she feels just as much a part of me as she ever did. Except now I can kiss her.

4) Pushing a pram
I know this sounds a bit basic. But I love pushing my pram. I love feeling all mammy-ish and grown up and having people coo into it and look at her and exclaim what a gorgeous baby she is. And I don't care that's probably some throw back to being a child and having a doll and pram because sometimes she feels just like my little doll - she even looks like a (non-scary) cabbage patch doll when she smiles.

5) The person being a mammy has made me become
I'm not perfect, but I am different. I am complete now. I am blessed. I am very tired and rather overweight also, but I wouldn't swap my life. (Tweak it slightly, maybe....). Being a mum has made me the person I always wanted to be.

ooooh, and here's the thing I've got to tag some mammies - so here goes Keris, Emily, Stickhead and Fionnuala


Daniel said...

I have always secreatly thought N.Irish mums were mad mammies and now this blog has proved it.

Nice Blog site!

Stickhead said...

Right, I've done it:

Although I fear I've done it wrong and I can't work out how to get more people to do it!

Oh and you made me cry - damn you woman! ;).


Fionnuala said...

Hi CB,
Thanks for the tag! I'll get to it tomorrow as am off to the London book fair today!YAY! Fx

Deborah Riccio said...

Aw.. I'd love to have done this - being mum to a teenager has many facets!
Loved yours - and Stickhead's.

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