Thursday, February 11, 2010

And it's done..

This blog is also now my dotcom and vice versa.
I have a headache.
And the baby still isn't sleeping. In fact now she is teething and she is waking more than ever. I have taken on the appearance of a zombie. I scare young children - even my own. The boy has become clingy. I have developed the emotions of a hormonal teenager - vying between elation and devastation, considering everything a major drama.
And I am eating everything in sight. My spare tyres have developed spare tyres and the worst of it is - she is sleeping EVEN LESS in the day than before. In fact she naps for just 30 minutes on average.

If anyone wants to look at the psychological impact of sleep deprivation - look no further!


Helen said...

It is horrible, I know. I was going to suggest cutting her naps as that is what we've done but 30 minutes isn't a lot to cut down on!

All I can do is offer sympathies from someone who has been there. (including a tyre on the spare tyre) x

mammydiaries said...

As someone who ate 3/4 of a bag of shoestring chips last night and a full pizza for lunch and who is steadily working her way through a packet of custard creams... I hear you. My oldest has been getting her back molars for 2 months now and I am ready to snap. The small one is still working on getting her first teeth and is a loud child to boot. I have no wise advice to give. Just thought I'd let you know that you are not alone.

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