Monday, February 15, 2010

Writing, writing, writing

I wrote last nights - 500 words. And then today I took my lunchbreak at my desk and wrote again - about 700 words. And it felt lovely. The characters are starting to really form and take on their own personalities. Some even have nicknames. There is some comedy gold in there too (mostly in the form of references to fancy pants) and the writing was one of those blissful experiences when it just flows, almost effortlessly, onto the page.
Book five, which as yet has no name despite the very best and generous efforts of some of my fellow Poolbeg authors, will be the story of three friends - each in their mid 30s and each facing a unique crisis.
Ava realises that her Mr Perfect is not so perfect after all - oh, and she’s up the stick too. Talk about complicated.

While Grainne is a work-a-holic with a exercise equipment graveyard in her bedroom and a broken heart to nurse better.

Hope’s heart is a little battered too - and she wonders what the future holds for her and the very hunky Dylan McKenzie.

The three former school friends have drifted apart over the years - keeping in touch via occasional emails and comments on Facebook - but when they realise they each need someone to turn to they find themselves sharing an adventure of a life time which will make all three realise what they really want and need.
It’s sounds like just the kind of book I’d love to read.

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