Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday was an uncharacteristically good day

First of all when I dressed for work, my skirt waistband felt looser. This made me feel good - not twig like or anything but good.
Second of all when I went to the dreaded weigh in in Weight Watchers I was delighted to discover I have shed 3lbs. I did have to resist the urge to a post weigh splurge - but I did. I had some toast with Low Low cheese when I got home (within my points) and it was lovely.
Thirdly of all, I wrote about 750 words which was lovely.
Fourthly I have decided on a working title for book five which until further notice will be known as 'The 30 Something Crisis Club'.
And finally....

Drum roll please....


I thank you.


Helen said...

Well done on the 3lbs and the book title and everything. Fantastic.

But OMG. Baby slept through!!!!!!! I bet you feel like a new woman!

Jessie said...

Brilliant news that baby slept all night!
Very well done on your weight loss. I am trying to lose a bit myself as I got my cholesterol checked recently and it was higher than 5 and I need to lose a stone - so have cut out all cakes, buns and biscuits till Easter. I always knew I was mildly addicted to them with my cuppas- but didn't realise HOW addicted!!- I crave sugar!! But I am on day 6. I've ate more fruit than I normally do in a month. J

manicmum said...

Isn't it great to be so easily pleased these days? I too punch the air for the slightest of feel-good moments. The BoyChild brushed his teeth willingly today. I didn't have to have the usual battle. Wanted to tell the ManChild all about it when he got back from work but I think it got lost in translation. Maybe it was more of a 'mummy moment'. These occur shortly before 'senior moments'.XX

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