Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have the DTs

No caffeine in almost 48 hours.
A day and a half of healthy, loads of veg eating.

I am a shambling wreck my desk but I will not give in to the lure of caffeine. I shall fight the urge with every part of my body and I will be strong. Even if I fall asleep over my desk - which is not beyond the realms of possibility. In fact, given the droopiness of my eyelids and the easiness in which I start to snore while still awake, I think it is entirely possible.

But I've set myself some goals should I make it through the first 6 weeks of this experience I shall get my heair highlighted and buy new glasses. I shall treat myself to a pampering session the like of which no one has ever known.
As for WeightWatchers - I finished yesterday with enough points left over to save for a glass of wine at the weekend. Now that, my friends, is progress.

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Debs Riccio said...

woo hoo! well done Claire - and actually the lack of caffeine might help you nod off and not worry unduly about where it is (as long as you're not driving I mean)I often wondered if Alice's lack of snooze might have been related to my own intake of caffeine when I was breastfeeding - sadly it still continued long after the weaning... ah well.

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