Monday, February 04, 2008

Hormones a go go

For two weeks now I've been on a relatively even keel with my hormones and moods.
And today - it all goes wrong, very wrong.
This morning I took the boy to the dentist for the first time. Now being the responsible parent that I am I put my fear (read that as terror) of all things dentisty to one side and smiled and cooed about how the dentist is a lovely, lovely person and how going to the dentist is the absolute most funnest thing anyone can ever do.
We left home on time, arrived at the dentists, read a little book about 'Susie and Sam Visit the Dentist' and the boy was almost hopping around the room with excitment.
Then, disaster struck.
The kindly receptionist lady came out and told us the dentist was sick and wouldn't be in and we would have to come back next week. Now ordinarily, as dentists to me actually do conjur up images of Steve Martin in the Little Shop of Horrors, I would have skipped out happily at that notion.
But I looked at the boy, and his petted lip and the tears pricking in his eyes and my heart sank. He tried to be brave and held his tears in but his disappointment was etched all over his face and as he wiped the wee tears from his face my heart shattered just that little tiny bit.
And every time since that I picture his face I have to be brave myself. My lip is a little petted and the tears are pricking in my eyes and if you look closely, every now and again you will see me brush a tear away.
It is no coincidence that my special lady visitor is due to visit on Wednesday.

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