Thursday, February 07, 2008

Random conversations with the boy, part 6

(On the phone, while I'm at work on an exceptionally busy pre-publication day)
Joseph: Mummy, did you take down my birthday cards?
Me: Yes darling.
Joseph: Did you do it on purpose?
Me: Yes sweetie. Your birthday was on Sunday.
Joseph: I told you not to do that. You are so naughty mummy.
Me: Do you have your cross face on Joseph? (Honestly, I must try and get a picture of his cross face it's priceless.)
Joseph: Yes, I do. I'm so cross right now.

Upshot is, the cards have gone back up and I've to sit out 31 minutes on the naughty step when I get home.

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Lesley Bonney said...

Aw, sweet!

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