Monday, February 11, 2008

Show us yer kitchen!

Go on bloggers!

Of course I only say that because at the weekend - when we had a boy free night - me and Mr Allan painted ours.

I had noticed it was getting a bit grubby, to be honest. But when I took the pictures down from the end wall I almost died of shame. It was a dirty protest - except worse. So we headed out to Homebase and bought some soft green paint and had our rock 'n' roll Friday night with the paintbrushes.

The new look gave me the chance to move my lovely framed poster of Rainy Days and Tuesdays downstairs and show it off - along with the boy's increasingly fab paintings and drawings from school. His wee people now have legs and arms and occasionally hair. I am so proud.

Anyway, here it is... the place I pour the wine before I start writing.


BB said...

You wouldn't want to see my kitchen. Seriously. In fact, I'm tres jealous of the cleanliness of yours. Mine needs to be redecorated. And when I have the cash? Redecorate it I will ;)

Love the poster though!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Its so tidy and CLEAN! (cant remember the last time mine looked like that..)

Claire said...

It's only clean because I gutted it - I mean GUTTED it at the weekend. The dirt that came off it would make Kim and Aggie cringe.

Sarah said...

What does the other end look like??? hehe.

I can only say my kitchen must be fairly clean because we are never ill... or maybe that's because our insides are hardened to all bugs known to man due to early exposure.

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