Thursday, February 21, 2008

What a weird and wonderful day

The karma fairy has been messing with my head recently. It really has been making me think that in some previous life I must have been some awful Hitler type person who deserved heaps and heaps of rubbish things to happen to them.
While a lot of my 'issues' are as yet unresolved, yesterday pulled a blinder out of the bag. I got to work and took a phonecall from a very lovely journalist who waxed lyrical about RD&T and made me feel very comfortable and confident.
When work was over, I attended a parent/ teacher meeting at the boy's school and heard how he has been coming on in leaps and bounds. In some areas he is working at P1 level and he is a happy and confident little boy. What more could any parent want to hear?
When I got home I found a letter from Poolbeg waiting, with details of the marketing for the paperback release of RD&T. It may sound strange but I got all hyped up seeing the Eason Book News brochure with me book described as the "eagerly awaited bestseller". Me.. a BESTSELLER, officially in print.
To add to my joy, my sister then phoned me and asked me to be godmammy to her unborn baby.
It was indeed a much needed boost to my sadsack self!

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