Saturday, February 16, 2008

That sounded a bit poncy, didn't it?

That stuff about song lyrics touching my soul... I mean, wtf does touching my soul mean anyway?
Surely you need some sort of degree in medicine and latex gloves to be allowed to touch someone's soul?
But that song made me cry and I've been listening to it on a loop ever since - to both the original Snow Patrol version and the Leona Lewis cover. (Can't decided which I like best. I like the Snow Patrol because it is somehow cooler, but the Leona Lewis version is breathtaking).
Anyway, I've been having some minor emotional issues lately and it's nice to even sing that song to myself and remind myself that I'm still there beneath it all and I'll be back someday. (Or does that sound even more pretentious that something which has been touching my soul?)
So I've spent some quality time with the boy, taken him for lunch and to the beach in the freezing cold to build sandcastles while rubbing my hands together to get a heat.
I've also been thrown up over. (The boy seems to be a on deathwish at the moment. Today he not only narrowly missed falling down some escalators, but ran in front of a car and fell over and cracked his head. It was after the cracking the head incident that he cried so hard she projectiled all over me, in the street - and I caught it in my hands.)
But I feel slightly better now - a little more relaxed - a little more like me. And that feels good.
So maybe touching my soul was a good idea?


CactusFreek said...

Oh dear, someone's been in the wars! What on earth posessed you to go to the beach in the cold??

Claire said...

We were hoping for to blow the cobwebs away - we just almost blew ourselves away in the process.

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