Thursday, February 14, 2008

The music in me

There are certain things in this life that I do out of sense of motherly duty. They are not things I would normally enjoy or even bother with but when the blue eyes of an eager four year old look up at you pleadingly, it is hard to resist.
Today I took the boy to High School Musical on Ice - along with his cousin Abby and my sister Yaya (who paid for the tickets).
We left Derry just after 9am for the drive to Belfast for the 12 noon show knowing that parking at the Odyssey arena can be a nightmare. And sure enough we were stuck in a queue of traffic for 20 minutes inching towards the car park. Now anyone who knows me well will know that my 11 year old Corsa does not do queuing well. She (actually I think it's a he because only a male could give me so much trouble) tends to overheat and combust if forced to sit in traffic for anything more than a five minute limit - so my nerves were shot as the temperature gauge rose and rose.
We managed, by the skin of our teeth, to get parked and then we made our way into the 10,000 strong crowd for the show.
Now I get marketing and I get that business is business, but £7 for a fecking bag of Candyfloss? £8 for a plastic cup? £7 for a box of popcorn? Give me a break! It's the day before payday and my wallet was battered and bruised before we even sat down.
Now never having being in a crowd bigger than several hundred, the boy was agog with disbelief at the crowds swarming round us. He was even more amazed at the huge ice rink awaiting Troy Bolton and his gang.
Well, my verdict? It was all very Disney. The actors hugely overacted and some of the lip synching was truly naff - but the ice skating was amazing, the music was good and the special effects even made me ooh and aah.
Best of all though was seeing the wee man's face light up as he got his head in the game.

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