Saturday, April 10, 2010

An award.... how very special! *sniff*

Yes, I'm practising my gracious "didn't win" face as we speak but it seems this blog has been nominated by someone unknown to me (lovely, lovely person who I love even though I don't know you) for MAD Blog of the Year award in the Funniest Blog category.
I never win anything. Well in fairness I once won a basket of fruit in a raffle in school but someone had loaned me the 10p for the ticket so I had to give them the grapes (aka the best bit).
I don't think I'll win this either as the competition is very stiff - not least from Slightly South of Sanity which makes me roll on the floor howling with a mixture of laughter and jealousy.
But, if the notion takes you please pop along to the MAD website (alternatively you can click on the link on the right sidebar) and cast a wee vote.

And if you think this blog sucks then vote for Slightly South of Sanity as it really doesn't.

1 comment:

Stickhead said...

Bless your heart!! Well maybe we can both win? Is that possible!? Anyway loads of love and thank you!!


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