Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little old wine drinker me...

Two glasses down.
It has been a bastard of a day.
First there was a coffee morning in work and being on WeightWatchers I could but smell the lovely sausage baps and fancy buns as they wafted past. I had a measly (but delicious) slice of carrot cake and a cry in the ladies...
Then, well, I had a difficult story to write up which made me want to cry, keep my children close to me and never drive a car again.
Emails were sent and received, stresses were created. I talked a lot of shite on Facebook.
Sky sent the wrong kind of man (he didn't have a big pole) to fit our dish.
There was a *thing* in work about half a pink fancy which actually made me laugh out loud.
I went up the town with the express purpose of buying new shoes for work but did they have my coveted pair in my size? NO! *cry*
Did they have the dress I coveted in my size? NO. (Although I'm kind of between sizes right now). *cry*
Did the scales in Boots reveal a half a pound gain? Yes.
Did the summer uniform dress I bought for my niece fit? No.
Did she get all 8 year old stroppy on my arse? Yes.
Did the M&S low fat moussaka I bought for my tea taste nice? No - it tasted like someone boked on a plate.

So tea-less and with spare points to consume I made an executive decision to finish the bottle of wine in my possession. And it feels rather lovely, thank you.


Just a Girl said...

I feel your pain, Claire. Am also enduring a bout of abstinence from all things lovely at the moment (South Beach). 10 days down and here we are at Friday again - the week's biggest challenge where I just want to smother myself in chocolate or something to celebrate the end of the working week!
Good luck!

Bege said...

"Sky sent the wrong kind of man (he didn't have a big pole)" - LOL! God, at this point in my life there's no such thing as the wrong kind of man, any man would do (especially one with a big pole - ha ;-) xx

Debs Riccio said...

Oh Claire, I hate days like that. The ones that make you want to cry with guilt about not trying hard enough to avoid sweating over the small stuff. if that makes sense. Hateful. Bastards of days. Bless you, sweetie. You know these days come - then they go. Then you find you've some great material for the book xxxx

Anonymous said...

Ah Claire been there and done that.... had twins who hardly EVER slept, was like a bloody zombie! they are 17 now and giving me sleepless nights again!! Also trying to lose weight albeit at Slimming World so can relate to what you're saying.....Love your books

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